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Mindy Taylor
Studio Owner

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Mindy is a Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor and the owner of The Pilates Practice, a boutique Classical Pilates studio located in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

A passion for health and fitness led Mindy to Pilates. Teaching Pilates was the natural progression for her. Through teaching Pilates she has found a career that she is truly passionate about. She enjoys sharing the Classical Pilates method of training and its many health and fitness benefits with others in her Foxboro studio and beyond on virtual platforms.

Mindy was drawn to the Classical Pilates training method for its unparalleled comprehensive instructor training program and its dedication to the preservation of the Pilates method of movement. With a focus on form and a dynamic teaching style, Mindy keeps her students motivated and challenged.

Mindy is a Peak Pilates® Level III Comprehensive Certified Instructor trained under the direction of Pamela Garcia. In addition to her comprehensive certification, she is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher and holds multiple certifications in Barre and Mat Pilates from industry leaders, including Power Pilates.

Mindy is dedicated to ongoing Pilates education and is committed to her personal Pilates practice. In an effort to provide the best service to her clients, Mindy attends weekly teaching sessions and seeks out continuing education workshops and training with some of the most revered Pilates professionals in the field. In January 2022 Mindy completed a year long mentorship under the tutelage of Carrie Russo; Romana trained and internationally renowned for her Pilates expertise.

The positive impact a consistent Pilates practice has on an individual’s overall health and the physical condition continues to motivate Mindy as a teacher and student. Through the opening of The Pilates Practice in Foxboro, Mindy hopes to share the Classical Pilates Method with the surrounding communities and foster an environment of health and wellness for all fitness levels. Sharing the benefits of Pilates with others is the best part of her teaching experience.

Mindy loves how Pilates keeps her strong to support her active and athletic lifestyle. Her Pilates practice is an integral part of a healthy foundation that helps her keep up with her two daughters, continue to enjoy running with her husband, and maintain a full teaching schedule at the studio.

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Amy Brinker is a classically trained certified Peak Pilates instructor. Amy was first introduced to Pilates after developing diastasis from giving birth to two children. Diastasis is a separation of the abdominal muscles. Pilates is about strengthening the deep abdominal muscles and developing core strength. Pilates was the one thing that helped minimize her diastasis because it strengthens from the inside out. Amy’s love of Pilates and its benefits encouraged her to become an instructor. She loves to work with various clients and helps them find the many benefits of Pilates from increased muscle strength and toning to improved flexibility. When Amy is not teaching Pilates, you will find her with her family or out on the ball fields!


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Alli is from Medway, Massachusetts and is currently receiving her BFA in Dance Performance at The University of Hartford. Alli discovered her passion for Pilates back in 2020 when the pandemic hit. Pilates provided Alli a way to stay in shape and maintain holistic movement when she lost access to dancing. She continued to receive her Mat Certification and Comprehensive Training through PolestarR Pilates in 2021 to improve her dance technique and movement vocabulary. Pilates changed her dancing tremendously through the awareness of mobility, stability, and breath. Now she integrates her prior knowledge of movement from her dancing into her teaching and Pilates practice. She strives to reinstate these principles in anyone she works with to improve overall well-being physically and mentally. She believes Pilates is not just a workout, but a way of life that offers clients an escape from the stressors of life. Alli is determined to provide her clients a fun, challenging, and creative way to bring healthy movement and flow back into their lives. Alli continues to be an advocate for Pilates because it has changed and reshaped her own life. She’s excited to work with The Pilates Practice community and create lasting relationships with her clients!

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