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Classical Pilates stays true to the method created and developed by Joseph H. Pilates, preserving the integrity of his system of functional movement. Mr. Pilates developed his system originally called “Contrology” over a lifetime of studying movement and the human form. His method, with its proven positive impact on the condition of the human body and mind, continues to withstand the tests of time..

The Pilates method contains over 500 exercises in its workout system. Pilates apparatus is primarily spring-based equipment with adjustable varying spring tensions. The tension settings can both assist or challenge the movement depending on the needs of the individual. The Pilates mat work relies on body weight and gravity and contains some of the most challenging exercises in the system. Each Pilates session is tailored to an individual’s needs and goals utilizing this vast system of exercises for a results-driven workout experience.

The Pilates Method

A consistent Pilates practice contributes to increased physical fitness and well being while creating a balanced physical form. The Pilates method of exercise is deeply rooted in the strengthening of the core muscles to support and facilitate movement, promote balance, develop strength and gain flexibility throughout the body. Pilates truly is for all bodies; those new to exercise, those in need of rehabilitation and both the novice and elite athlete alike. Everybody can benefit from a Pilates practice.

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